If you’re gonna take the plunge and get married, sometimes you have to be brutally honest.

Yes, it hurts sometimes, but that’s part of the deal, right?


Let’s all enjoy these hilarious/painful tweets about married life.

1. That’s what you get.

Now all of your toast will be awful… until you notice the settings.

2. It’s a surprise!

What’s not a surprise? Her credit card bill.

3. The real test.

What to get at the food court? Hmmm…

4. I knew it!

You’re usually so calm with those plates!

5. You can’t stay off that phone!

But, yanno… this time it’s for a good cause, so…

6. Never heard of it.

And, btw, this is sooooooo true.

7. I am so sorry about this…

… but I’m about to make your day awful.

8. We all know the truth.

It’s not your world, guys. It’s hers.

9. That would be HOT.

I’d watch it! lol

10. You blew it!

But hey… now we’ve got a new one, so who actually blew it?

11. Passive aggressive AF!

This is such a pro hubby move, though!

12. Isn’t that weird?

Who would have thunk it?

13. See ya later!

Say hi to Nancy and Frank for me!


14. A fair trade-off.

At least you control how the evenings go… or do you?!?

15. It’s all the…rage.

Or maybe it’s just rage? Either way works.

Brutal. Funny. Honest. There you have it.

Have you seen any hilarious and brutally honest marriage tweets, jokes, or memes lately? Hell, maybe you even have one of your own!

Share them with us in the comments, please!