In the Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba, Brazil, employees show what big hearts they have when photos of homeless dogs spending cold winter nights in the station circulated on social media and naturally went viral.

Three dogs, named Pitoco, Zoinho, and Max are shown inside the station in their special beds made and provided by the station workers. The beds are actually tires lined with warm blankets.

Politician Fabiane Rosa saw the sweet gesture and posted the photos on Facebook.

“So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, adopting a pet.

Of course it is not the ideal, but at least there are those who are looking after them.”

Look at all those good bois!

Such kindness is perfect for spreading around the world on social media, because it may inspire others to look around them to see who may need a helping hand. It may not even take much to make someone’s life easier.

In this case, staffers took a couple things that were just lying around (tire and blankets) and gave a few dogs a warm, cozy place to spend winter’s nights.

Well done!