There’s nothing like a good brain teaser to get the juices flowing in the morning – aside from coffee, of course. These puzzles that ask us to find a picture within a picture are a perfectly easy way to rev things up without being too frustrating…as long as you can figure them out.

Solving puzzles like these have been shown to prevent dementia and improve memory and concentration, so don’t worry about spending some of your free time looking them over, hmm?

Image Credit: Dudolf

And if you think finding a picture within a picture is too easy, don’t worry – these will keep you guessing for a good amount of time.

Gergely Dudas is a master at creating these types of puzzles, and they’re challenging for kids and adults alike. The image is filled with leaves, but among them is a frog. Everything is green, so you can’t rely on coloration to help you out.

Instead of randomly scanning the picture, make sure to take a look at the details to try to discern if anything seems out of place. You can also take a “grid search” approach, going from one corner to the other in a methodical manner than has nothing to do with the picture as a whole.

Keep looking….

Did you find it yet?

Do you want a hint?

Image Credit: Dudolf

If you’re sure, here are a few: the frog is in the bottom half and it’s just the frog’s head, not his entire body.

Did that help?

If you can’t find it and you’re ready to give up, here’s the answer.

Do you love solving puzzles like this? Are you good at them?

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