Most babies enjoy the soothing sound of mother’s voice when lulling them to sleep. And this is certainly the case with Carrie Underwood’s son, Jacob. Who wouldn’t love listening to that voice every night?

Recently Underwood posted a video on her Instagram that proves this point. Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher was having a moment with their child. He’s a super sweet and attentive dad who decided to sing to Jacob. And let’s just say, the baby preferred the country music star’s voice over his.

In the video we find Jacob lying on the bed looking up at dear old dad…


As you can hear, Fisher can carry a tune whilst singing “Love Wins,” but Jacob is a tough critic. And it’s apparent Jacob prefers mommy over daddy, as the tears resurface when Fisher sings then cease when Underwood takes the “mic”.

I suppose Simon Cowell’s ear was right all those years ago when he discovered her on American Idol!

This video had over 2 million people commenting and cracking up.

Even Justin Timberlake had a message.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @carrieunderwood

But Fisher wasn’t letting up and gave the real reason Jacob may have been a touch fussy over the whole thing.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @carrieunderwood

But don’t worry, Daddy.

Jacob may be all ears for mommy but I’m sure he’ll be all about the skates when you teach him about hockey!