Cats may appear to have not a care in the world, but every once in a while, they can get hot under the collar just like everyone else.

Recently, a tweet went viral when it showed two cats in an apparent beef. Initially, it portrayed their tiff to be one-sided, instigated by one mean kitty.

In the first tweet, the purring pair were lounging poolside, with one gazing placidly into the water. The other one sneaked up behind and then pounces. The seemingly innocent victim ended up in the water making a desperate swim to the side.

Cats typically don’t swim voluntarily, so this move was probably not a love tap between pals.

A follow-up tweet gives us more perspective. It appears the victim may have actually started the fight on a table-top with a bite or two.

Was the revenge push into the pool justified or inexcusable? Decide for yourself…

But, below is the move that started it all…

Everyone was having a nice time, chilling on top of a puzzle the humans were probably trying to put together, when our so-called victim decided to give the other one a couple of nips. The underdog in this clip scampered off the table, and who could blame it.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Bet that pool water was a little chilly.