It can be scary to let your cat outside to wander the neighborhood — what if he never comes back?

On top of that, if you’re trying to encourage more birds to hang out in your yard for your backyard birding purposes, letting your cat outside can be totally counterproductive.

Enter the “catio,” a totally enclosed space designed to give your four-legged friend some much-needed outdoor time while avoiding all of the above perils and downsides to being an outside cat.

Here’s an example of one:

You can easily build your own or hire a special catio company to do it, then decorate it with all of your cat’s favorite items, including cat grass for naps:

Here’s a really gorgeous example with tons of plants:

Heck, even we could live in this gigantic catio that even has a little tunnel connecting to the house — how useful!

This gal sure looks relaxed in her little plant-adorned catio:

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Check out this inspired design that extends from a regular window! What a good idea!

These two really seem to enjoy the sunshine out in their catio:

From the looks of it, some of these cats are living in more luxury than we are as humans! But of course all pets are sweet angels who truly deserve the best, even if they don’t necessarily act like they appreciate it (hey, there’s a reason people say cats are assholes!)

Would you ever consider building such an elaborate space for your cat? Why or why not?

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