We don’t want you to spend your precious time searching all over the place for funny tweets.

And that’s why we’re here, friends…

It’s what we do and it’s what we do best.

And we think the 12 you’re about to see really pack a punch.

Are you ready to get it on!

Okay, stop listening to me ramble and go ahead and have some laughs!

1. This is a solid life plan.

You got it all figured out, don’t you?

2. Sir, you might have something wrong with you.

It’s time to call your doctor…

3. That’s gonna be pretty painful for me.

Wow, I messed up a lot, huh?

4. I think you nailed it this time.

Can’t argue with that!

5. Boy, do I miss these guys…

They were absolutely hilarious!

6. Hahahaha, this is great.

Also, your friend sounds pretty awesome.

7. This is incredibly inappropriate, don’t you think?

There are going to be children around here!!

8. You never know, it might work…

Might as well give it a shot.

9. This always happens. Every single time.

It’s so infuriating!

10. Hey, it’s really the best!

What is everyone complaining about?

11. That’s gonna be the missing piece to this puzzle.

You’re gonna be at the top of your game…sooner or later.

12. Eatin’ good in the neighborhood!

Most importantly, what did you order?

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