Is it weird to be jealous of a cat? Because, in all honesty, I kind of want Gary’s life

You’ll see what I mean after you look at these photos of Gary’s excellent adventures.

He’s a rescue cat who likes to explore the great outdoors with him human friends AND his dog friends.

Let’s take a little peek into Gary’s world.

1. On top of the world.

2. Taking it all in.

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It’s #throwbackthursday and the longer days have me looking forward to more sunny evenings, paddling with Gary. . I also wanted to welcome all the new folks who’ve found us in the last little while and answer some of the more common questions I get about Gary: . How old/what kind of cat is Gary? Gary is a 5 year old domestic longhair. . Where do you live? Most of Gary’s adventures are in the Canadian Rockies. . How did you start hiking with Gary? Slowly. We started by exploring the front yard and worked our way up from there as he got comfortable. If you want to train your own cat, my best advice is to be patient! . What harness/jacket/goggles do you use? We have two harnesses we love, the @kiloninerpets M1 and the @rcpetproducts adventure kitty. Most of Gary’s jackets are also from RC pets. The goggles are dog goggles from @rexspecsk9 . Want to know something else? Just ask! . . . . #greatgramsofgary #catsofinstagram #cats #cats_of_instagram #kayaking #mountains #lake #paddling #sunset #visitcanmore #explorealberta

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3. With some furry friends.

4. Time to fly high.

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Fast fact for today’s Mountain Safety Saturday post. . In 2019, Gary’s friends @alpinehelicopters responded to 274 search and rescue incidents between their Canmore and Golden locations. . With their help, combined with the great public safety teams @parks.canada, @alberta_parks and @goldensearchandrescue response times around here are relatively short, but it’s still important to carry extra clothing, food and emergency shelter in case you have to spend a night outside. . This is particularly important for day hikers, who have been found to be the most vulnerable in survival situations, often because they take limited emergency supplies with them. . . . . #greatgramsofgary #searchandrescue #sar #cats #helicopter #flying #bellhelicopter #safety #hiking #mountains #catsofinstagram

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5. Out in the woods.

6. Loving the outfit.

7. A little cold, Gary?

8. Hitting the trails.

9. Safety on the mountains.

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Today is “mountain safety Saturday” – a new feature I’m trying out where I discuss how to play safe in the mountains. . As more people are inspired to get outside by the wonderful photos they see on Instagram, they need to know how to be safe. . The mountains are dangerous places, and even short hikes can have risks. That’s why it’s important to have the “10 essentials” with you, so that you’re prepared to deal with an emergency. . Taken from @mountaineersorg “Freedom of the Hills”, here are the ten things you should carry with you . Navigation. Topographic map and assorted maps in waterproof container plus a magnetic compass, optional altimeter or GPS receiver. . Sun protection. Sunglasses, sunscreen for lips and skin, hat, clothing for sun protection. . Insulation. Jacket, hat, gloves, rain shell, and thermal underwear. . Illumination. Headlamp, flashlight, batteries. LED bulb is preferred to extend battery life. . First-aid supplies, plus insect repellent. Fire. Butane lighter, matches in waterproof container. . Repair kit and tools. Knives, multi-tool, scissors, pliers, screwdriver, trowel/shovel, duct tape, cable ties. . Nutrition. Add extra food for one additional day (for emergency). Dry food is preferred to save weight and usually needs water. . Hydration. Add extra 2 liters of water for one additional day (for emergency). . Emergency shelter. Tarp, bivouac sack, space blanket, plastic tube tent, jumbo trash bags, insulated sleeping pad. . . . . #greatgramsofgary #cats #mountains #beprepared #cats_of_instagram #petsofinstagram #themoreyouknow #hiking #adventure #explorealberta

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10. I see you!

11. He’s ready for a nap.

12. The future’s so bright…

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As some of you know from time to time I post tips on how to be a responsible user of our public lands. This #whiskerwednesday I have another tip that frankly I can’t believe needs to be said. It’s based on a post from a popular local instagrammer I came across yesterday. . The spring is baby season for most animals. If you encounter young animals – bunnies, birds, bears, deer, bison, elk, or anything else – don’t pick them up. Wild animals will sometimes leave their young unattended, this does not mean they are in distress or need your help. . Not only should you not pick them up, you should also not take them on a hike so that you can take photos and then post for your Instagram followers proclaiming how you saved a poor abandoned animal. . What you actually did was separate that animal from it’s parents and likely condemned it to die. . If you are genuinely concerned about the welfare of an animal, call a local conservation authority and let an expert evaluate the situation and decide on how best to help them. . . . #greatgramsofgary #hiking #petsofinstagram #cats #catsofinstagram #forest #sunglasses #pets #cool #whiskers #tent #canadianrockies #explorealberta

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Is Gary killin’ it or what? He has to be the coolest damn cat in the history of the world, right? Or, at the very least, the coolest looking.

Do you have a kitty (or a dog) who likes to go on adventures with you?

Share some photos with us in the comments!