Full disclosure: I am NOT married.

But I’m around my married friends and family members a lot, so I know that even though they act like they’re happy, deep down they’re all completely miserable…

Wait, did I say that out loud? I’m sorry about that…I didn’t mean it.

What I meant to say was that they all love each other very much and every day is a miracle and a blessing…or something like that.

Whatever the case, here are some hilarious posts about marriage that we think you’ll like.

1. Marriage speak.

You know you do it.

2. So, maybe never…

What a dumb question.

3. Hmmmm. She’s quick.

Don’t fall for that one again.

4. How did that happen?

That is strange…

5. How exciting!

The time of your life.

6. She must be really happy about this.

Hard to argue with his logic, though…


He’s not listening.

8. What a workout!

You must be getting ripped.

9. We had a good run…

You’re doing what you have to do.

10. That’s HOT.

This is quality bonding.

11. He probably did deserve it.

And don’t let him tell you any differently.

12. Keeping it fresh.

Who said romance is dead?

13. Go find a tree.

Be one with nature.

Ahhhh, that married life! Isn’t it wonderful?!?!

Now let’s hear from you.

In the comments, tell us something funny about your marriage. Please and thank you!