I absolutely love this idea!

You’ve probably seen or heard about those Little Free Libraries that people put in neighborhoods where people can take and leave books?

Well, these dog libraries are pretty much the same thing!

Good boys and girls get to pick sticks and toys and go on about their day.

Hooray for the brilliant mind that came up with the first dog library!

Let’s have a look!

1. That’s a good one!

A fine work of art.

2. Take a stick.

Leave a stick.

3. Time to make a decision.

But they all look so good…

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4. I bet this one is popular.

Looks pretty fancy!

5. Another satisfied customer.

Very happy!

6. Remember to borrow and return.

Are we clear?

7. Made a new friend.

It’s a good place to mingle!

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8. What a cutie!

She’s really into it!

9. Look at those eyes!

A real beauty!

10. Trying to make up her mind.

Just take them all!

Have you seen any dog libraries by where you live?

Let us know in the comments.

And share some pics with us, too!