Fans of Lord of the Rings will probably get a kick out of this! The North Yorkshire Police department found a unique silver ring and wrote a Facebook post to try to locate its owner.

The thing is, the local police force had no idea they’d get a lot of charming trolls!

See the original post!

The post explains,

“Officers in York are trying to locate the owner of a distinctive silver ring and are appealing to the public for their help.

The ring was recovered with property which had been stolen in a house burglary in York in February 2019.

Sadly despite their efforts, officers have been unable to trace the ring back to its rightful owner.”

One fellow local police troupe had a laugh at their expense!

Photo Credit: Facebook

Yet another clever sleuth tried to “help.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Of course, some people chose to mess with the police force by using Harry Potter references!

Photo Credit: Facebook

Thankfully the North Yorkshire Police department were good sports about their now-viral post—and they were able to find the One Ring’s rightful owner!

The original photo caption reads,

“Hello everyone, we have an update for you.

A spokeswoman for the (North York)Shire Police, said: “We have had a lot of laughs thanks to you, our fabulous quick-witted followers – it’s been an unexpected but welcome relief from some of the more distressing things we deal with. We have been amazed at how far the story has travelled and have had lots of enquiries from members of the public who believe the ring could be theirs. Including five hobbits (two didn’t want it, they’d had enough of it and are chilling in the west) an elf and a couple of wizards.

We are delighted to let you know that the ring has now been reunited with its rightful owner – Mike Taylor from York.

Thank you again for your support with the appeal and for giving us a happy ending.”

At least the North Yorkshire Police were able to help someone and enjoy some LOTR-related quips in the process.

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