The 1980s were a time of incredible fashion highs and lows. So what better way to announce your engagement than with a nod to that provocative era?

When Madison Moxley and Mason Whitis got engaged, they planned a unique way to get the word out to their dear families, friends and Facebook: a totally 80s photo shoot at the JC Penney Portrait Studio.

How. Rad. Is. That?

Out came the gigantic sweaters, acid-washed jeans and even a pair of bright white tennis shoes. Then they probably picked up another 1980 fav, “the telephone,” and made a “phone call” to book their session.

The happy couple met on Tinder two years ago and discovered they had lived parallel lives, from being born in the same hospital two days apart to a shared love for Little Debbie Brownies.

Madison posted about their bodacious engagement on Facebook, announcing, “Your girl is getting married!” She included some of the, uh, timeless portraits, which have since gone viral.

Photographer Dawn Winebrenner artfully stylized them in classic 80s poses against an elegant gray background. So Flashdance.

Commenters thought the photo shoot was righteous and were tagging their own fiancés and fiancées, perhaps wishing for their own stiffly posed portrait sessions at Penney’s.

Madison’s post describes her relationship with Mason to be as unique as their tastes in portraiture. She wrote:

Humor has been the centerpiece of our relationship. Mason does whatever he can do to make me laugh. You may think these photos were my idea, but Mason is the real mastermind. Also, he did these photos after breaking his arm 2 days prior, like what bad ass. He goes to great lengths to make me laugh, they get much weirder than these pictures. ?I make him laugh too, but mostly because he likes to make fun of me (out of love).

They have been through many ups and downs as a couple.

We’ve seen countless movies, eaten a brain burger, bungee jumped, performed improv, broken bones, had surgeries, lost weight, discussed just how attractive Chris Hemsworth really is, gained weight, moved to the city, graduated college, learned to longboard, and supported each other through our dreams. We watched them change and grow between us. Mason loves my ambition and I love his big heart. He’s the one I can always count on and look to in times of need, and I hope he knows I’d do the same for him.

She ends her post by saying these photos truly show their unique relationship. Awww. The future’s so bright for Madison and Mason. Better wear those shades.