Blep! Bleep! Boop! Derp!

Cats on social media give us all kinds of sweet little moments, but the bleps have been winning big lately.

What are bleps, you ask? It’s when a kitty has just a little bit of their tongue hanging out of their mouth and it is freaking adorable.

Here are some absolutely perfect examples.

1. It sure is magnificent…

Caught this magnificent blep the other day. It has taken a few years but we caught one in the end!
byu/Tron-ClaudeVanDayum inBlep

2. Bleppy boi, bleppy boi.

Please enjoy our bleppy boi
byu/BrainWeasel inBlep

3. The muppet blep.

October looks like a a scruffy muppet with a blep.
byu/littlebittyoctober inBlep

4. Just a little one…

A tiny blep
byu/Game_shark5010 inBlep

5. Good morning!

Good morning blep
byu/musicsquidge inBlep

6. Looks like a drawing.

She has anime eyes and the cutest blep
byu/livingto_love inBlep

7. A snoozin’ blep.

Meet my cats blep
by inBlep

8. A real beauty.

The prettiest blep I ever did see
byu/haquimo_ inBlep

9. I thought I heard something.

Blep did I hear the treat baggy crinkle?
by inBlep

10. Extreme close-up.

One handsome blep
byu/rebirthofnova inBlep

Don’t hold out on us!

We know you have some great blep photos that we’d love to see in the comments!

Post those, fam! Let’s see ’em!