First, let me catch you up to speed if you haven’t binge-watched the show yet, which I’m sure you will do in short order, but we don’t have time to wait, frankly.


Photo Credit: Netflix

Dacre Montgomery plays bad boy heartbreaker, Billy Hargrove, on the show. He’s the one who made Season 2 so rollercoaster-y, and Season 3 even more so.

But, in a recent Instagram post, Montgomery shares a cute high school pic and a personal, touching story showing his teenage self doesn’t quite live up to his Stranger Things character, Hargrove.

The post starts with Montgomery saying, “When I was a kid, I was lost.”


When we look at stars, we tend to forget they had small beginnings and failures like everyone else. Their fame and success comes from learning from the failures and never giving up.

Montgomery also posted his story to Twitter.

His fans responded big…



…and with love.


So, if you dream of rocking a Netflix Original Series, or any series, then go for it and never give up.

Dacre Montgomery is rooting for you.