As adults, most of us avoid going up into the attic if we can help it. It’s usually full of cobwebs, it’s super hot or super cold and it’s full of junk we’d rather not sort through at the moment.

But for kids, the attic door is basically the equivalent of a trapdoor hiding a secret, hidden, magical compartment.

Dad Jason Robinson decided to give his daughter Emma a true adventure when she asked what was behind the attic door in the ceiling. It’s so sweet that we bet you won’t be able to hold back tears reading what he did for his daughter.

Here’s how it all began:

But rather than let her see what the attic actually is — storage — he built her an elaborate treasure hunt:

Complete with a treasure chest:

A treasure map:

That led Emma to a key that will unlock her newfound treasure:

This kid is just too cute!

Here’s her sweet reaction when she follows the treasure map right to the “X marks the spot:”

And here’s what awaited her inside the treasure box:

Needless to say, Emma was STOKED and decided to spend the rest of the day as a princess:

Well done, Dad. Well done. We are seriously impressed with the level of detail and care you took in orchestrating this holy thing. It’s a memory she’ll probably keep with her for the rest of her life, which is so, so great.

What’s the coolest thing your mom or dad did for you as a kid? Any elaborate games or treasure hunts that stick with you to this day?

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