Wedding receptions are a ton of fun. Especially if there’s a band or DJ that can get everyone on the dance floor (although, can we be done with We Are Family by The Pointer Sisters?).

But this particular reception was so much crazy fun, a video of it went spectacularly viral.

Shirley Goodman, aged 96, has always believed “in the power of dance.” And she’s so good at it, a video of her shaking her groove thing at a wedding set the internet on fire, resulting in her own Instagram page with almost 11,000 followers.


Grandson Todd filmed his Nana getting down recently on the dance floor at a family wedding. Bruno Mars needs to see this, ’cause y’all – this is PRECIOUS.


She lit up the whole dance floor as she boogied down with family and friends. Everyone around them had to stop and smile.

Todd wrote, “There is nothing in my life that I’m more proud of than the fact that this amazing 96 years young dancing machine is my Nana. She is my inspiration, my motivation, my spirit and soul.”

Her positive energy continued to inspire others as millions of people viewed the video online and saw her appearance on Good Morning America. 


Many people fear growing older and being forgotten. But to watch Shirley living life to its fullest, spreading so much joy when she dances, shows us we all have value, no matter our age.