If you’ve ordered food delivery anytime recently, you’ve probably noticed that there is a pretty big difference between ordering directly from a restaurant as opposed to using a delivery service like DoorDash or Grubhub.

A Papa John’s employee posted a video on TikTok where he talked about how much more expensive it can be to order from a delivery service instead of straight from the source.

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Folks who saw the video responded with a variety of opinions.

One person said, “I deliver DoorDash (GrubHub) and Uber Eats. I’ve had customers tell me that delivery times are super high on Friday. We deliver it faster sometimes.”

Another viewer added, “Papa John’s don’t deliver to my area, so if I really wanted it I would have to go through a delivery service.”

One person commented, “They have a larger delivery area. I always get told, ‘We don’t deliver that far. DoorDash does though.”

And a person who works at a pizza place added, “I used to use DoorDash frequently because I didn’t have enough drivers for the amount of orders.. But now I haven’t used it in months because it costs me too much money and takes away from my drivers. I just up my times so everybody knows!”

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