I worked as a delivery driver for a restaurant in college and let me tell you, I saw some pretty weird stuff when I delivered wings, sandwiches, and fries to houses and apartments across the great town of Lawrence, Kansas.

We were also open until 2 am, so you know things got weird once the sun went down…

Delivery drivers of AskReddit talked about the weird things they’ve seen on the job. Let’s take a look and let’s get weird!

1. Cat man.

“Was a delivery driver with a local pizza place for about a year.

Strangest encounter I ever had was a delivery to a house on the other side of town. Dude answers the door in just his boxers, which is not that strange by itself. I look up at him and he has almost no white in his eyes, they were almost entirely black.

I briefly look passed him and notice there is no furniture in his house at all. 10-15 cats come running out between this dude’s legs and out the door and he says ” where did all those cats come from?” I say “from inside your house”. He didn’t believe me.”

2. Okay, we’ll take it.

“Worked for uber eats. Picked up the order and pedaled to the delivery address. Once I get there I ring the doorbell and no one answers, proceed to send message and waiting.

Two minutes later a very distressed woman comes out screaming at someone inside the house “F*CK YOU AND THAT B*TCH!” And left in her car.

The person at the door (who was only in his undies proceeds to slam the door).

I let 30 seconds pass and ring the doorbell again, no one answered, sent another message and i was ignored. After ten minutes I contacted support and they told me that if they didn’t answer in 5 minutes I was free to leave with the food.

Waited the five minutes, texted support to let them know and drove back home.

My then GF and I had a feast, we googled the cost of the meal and it was close to around $1500mxn which is a f*cking lot for two persons. We were in a very rough place economically then, that was the best meal we had had in months.”

3. Crazy couple.

“I was delivering to a couple two pizzas, and they were arguing like crazy. Throwing sh*t crazy.

As per covid rules for my job, I stepped back and watched the man grab the pizza and drop a rather large wad of cash on the pizza bag. He shut the door pretty quick and while I grabbed the bag and the cash, a plate crashed on the door with the lady screaming “That’s the kinda shit I’m talking bout!”

Bro, I ran.”

4. That’s kind of cool.

“Had a guy excitedly invite me into his house into his backyard cuz he wanted to show me his high tech treehouse he had finished.

And like he just tipped me ten bucks and I was dead inside so I said f*ck it and went in and didn’t get r*ped and saw his cool f*ckin treehouse and yeah it was neat.”

5. Orgy!

“One time during the early days of the Pandemic I got an order for like a ton of BBQ ribs from some newly opened restaurant in Atlanta.

I got all this food drove out to some random upscale Hilton Hotel off the beaten path. After a ton of back and forth with the concierge he finally directed me to the correct room.

I finally reach it only to be met at the door by 2 naked folks and another 2 more “waiting” on the bed in the hotel room. I’m not saying those BBQ Ribs were gonna be used in that orgy I interrupted but I can’t definitively say there wasn’t a connection.”

6. Pizza Hut stories.

“Got a few good stories delivering for the Hut about 10 years ago.

Two of my best runs were delivering to an orgy, the guy was sitting on his porch in a bath robe and had to run inside to get more cash, being very careful to block my view inside.

But when his biddy came to the door I got a good look inside, 4 chicks and 2 dudes from what I could see all naked with plenty of booze, drugs, and paraphernalia laying around. Not much for a tip but an interesting delivery I’ll never forget.

Another I had a delivery to a mansion of a house, when I get there nobody answers the door or answers the phone number listed. As I’m about to give up and go back to the store 3 10-12 year old kids run up saying they ordered the pizza and their parents were out of town.

While the parents were away they taught themselves how to make homemade smoke bombs which they used to inadvertently set their backyard on fire. I grabbed their hose and started putting out the fire, they didn’t want to call the fire dept in fear of getting in trouble but I made them do it.

By the time the firetruck pulled up I had taken care of the flames and the kids emptied all 3 of their pockets into my hands for about a $40 tip.”

7. It’s on…

“I used to deliver pizzas, and one time I arrived at a house at the same time as a driver from another pizza place.

We looked at each other confused for a sec before we went to the door.

Turns out they had some people over and one of the people there really liked one restaurant over the other, so much so that they ordered a separate pizza.”

8. That’s weird.

“I drive for Uber Eats and one time someone ordered Freshii (a healthy food/vegan place) and I saw that the order was: 8 small bags of chips. Not even anything off their menu, just 8 bags of chips.

Then while I was on my way to deliver it they messaged me twice in the app, the first time they said “Please” and the second message was “Be Careful”

To this day I have no idea what was going on, or why they didn’t go buy chips from the convenience store near their house.”

9. Who’s hungry?

“My boyfriend and I used to do grocery delivery.

One time I had a woman order 33 oranges. Another time, he had someone order 24 jars of vanilla frosting. The store didn’t even have enough vanilla frosting in stock to complete the order.

Then one week later, we saw that the same man placed another order for 20 more jars of vanilla frosting.”

10. Good thinkin’.

“I worked for a delivery company about 6 years ago. I got an order for a single cigar. Total cost of goods about $3. Delivery fee $13.50 (he lived way the hell out in the boonies.)

He also tipped my like $10. Turns out he was drunk and “delivery fee is less than a DUI”.”

11. I wonder about him…

“It was a Tuesday afternoon around 3:30, regular calls and orders his regular pizza.

This guy was always nice to me, but I could tell he was doing some hard drugs because he had lost so much weight and started to get lesions on his forehead and hands as time went on. I get to his house around 4, maybe 4:15. Deliver the pizza, and I’m walking back to my car when I feel an iron grip on my shoulder and someone shouts “YOU GOTTA GET OUTTA THE WAY!”

I turn and there’s four or five county sheriff’s deputies in full tactical gear. There was probably 15-20 police officers in total. They lead me behind one of their cars and tell me not to move, then bust this guy’s door down and go in shouting “DRUG TASK FORCE” and all that.

I had to stay there for about an hour and had my car searched and everything. All that they found was a travel mug my mom gave me a while before I thought I had lost. Never took another delivery to that guy. I wonder about him sometimes.

I never found out the actual reason behind the raid, but I have my suspicions.”

Have you ever had any weird experiences while delivering food?

Or anything else?

If so, talk to us in the comments!