In my humble opinion, these folks should be proud of themselves.

Yes, it seems like they’ve all let down their family members in epic fashion, but they admitted it and they summed it up with 5 simple words! That’s not that easy, let me tell you.

Also, maybe all of these people just need to give themselves a little break. Nobody’s perfect and your family’s idea of what you should be doing doesn’t always line up with what YOU actually want to do with your life. What a concept, right?

Let’s see what these people had to say.

1. That is blasphemy!

At least some people think so.

2. The whole family just turned against you.

Are you satisfied?

3. No one has ever said that before.

Literally ever. Never.

4. Some people don’t like to hear that.

But, the truth hurts.

5. Uh oh…here comes the interrogation.

Get ready for it!


6. You just broke her heart.

That’s one you just keep to yourself.

7. Nooooo! Just go watch football and drink beer.

Let them take care of that.

8. Please continue…

This is gonna be a long conversation.

9. Maybe you should just skip this year?

It would be best for everyone involved.

10. Never say that in front of your family.

It never goes anywhere good.

11. Son, you can’t drive my car anymore.

You blew it this time!

12. I’m not sure what that means…

But it doesn’t sound good.

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us how you’d disappoint your family in five words.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!