If I had a dollar for every time I saw a DIY home project recently that make me shake my head, I think I’d be rolling in cash.

Not that’s it a bad thing, not at all. It’s just that some of these projects have gone off the rails and are turning out to be quite…bizarre.

Well, I guess we shouldn’t be too hard on people because everyone has a lot more free time on their hands these days, right?

Let’s take a look at some very interesting and downright odd things that people have been making in their homes.

Hang on tight, everyone!

1. You look like you need to warm up.

So have a seat!

2. It works out well for everyone.

Be careful with the river!

“Can you pass the salt before it falls into the trough again please.” from DiWHY

3. High art, right here.

This is a very unusual piece…

Found on r/mildlyinteresting thought it belonged here from DiWHY

4. Thank you for doing this!

Now how do I turn the TV off?

My 9 year old daughter bedazzled our remote. It’s very pretty but quite challenging to find the button you need. from DiWHY

5. This is absolutely terrifying.

Get it out of the house now!

Found my first wild… scorpion? from DiWHY

6. The house is now haunted.

And also cursed forever…

5 minute craft from DiWHY

7. Hahahaha. Wow.

This is really something else.

I never thought i’d see anything like this in my own town from DiWHY

8. Hey! That’s my car!

What do you guys think of it?

Came across this picture and wanted to share from DiWHY

9. This house is now a home.

And I’m here for it!

It’s not a crack house, it’s a crack home from DiWHY

10. That’s the question I’m asking right now.

Reach out and touch someone.

Why just why from DiWHY

11. This does not need to exist.

Burn it. Today.

Excuse me what from DiWHY

12. I actually want to see this thing in action.

Toilet’s backed up again! Get out the pogo stick!

Found on r/hmmm from DiWHY

Have you been working on any cool (or weird) stuff at home during the pandemic?

If so, share some photos with us and tell us all about them!

Do it in the comments, please! Thanks!