If you’ve had a not-so-great day, we’ve got some memes that we think might just make it better.

We all know the healing power of memes, we’ve all felt their touch. Now it’s time to let them touch you too.

Here are twelve memes that will make a real difference in your day.

12. Nothingness and being

It takes a lot of effort not to do much.

Source: Someecards

11. Supervisor positions

“If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean, Carl.”

Source: Someecards

10. Don’t tell me what to do

Next you’re gonna try to tell him to keep off the grass.

Source: Someecards

9. A sneaky treat

Nobody look at me, I’m just heading back to my garbage pile.

Source: Someecards

8. Dog gone it

I wish I was as excited about anything as dogs are about everything.

Source: Someecards

7. Take a hike

But then how are we supposed to get buzzed?

Source: Someecards

6. Sheet happens

I still contend that there is not actually a way to do this.

Source: Someecards

5. Pretty little lies

Why do we even bother asking each other this question?

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4. The knowing ones

But can they tell me how full my house will be?

Source: Someecards

3. Share and share alike

Cool, now everybody knows my secrets and I’m uncomfortable.

Source: Someecards

2. House arrest

I swear to heck I’ve never seen this yard before.

Source: Someecards

1. Great minds think a like

Your capacity to care shrinks with each passing year.

Source: Someecards

I can feel the healing power of the memes wash over me. And it feels good.

What’s your favorite spot to find new memes?

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