No one likes to get ripped off, right?

Whether you’re buying food, drinks, clothes, cars, etc.

Speaking of that…

Have you ever heard the rumor before that the same amount of liquid fits into different-sized Starbucks cups?

The rumor started when a guy named Sueco posted a TikTok video where he said the coffee giant has been scamming customers. He filled a tall Starbucks cup with coffee and then poured it directly into a grande cup and it not only filled it up but overflowed it.

He then showed viewers that the same amount of coffee also filled up the venti cup.

Take a look at the video.

@sueco @Starbucks ♬ Salt – Sueco

The video has been viewed millions of times and it caused quite a stir. So a Buzzfeed writer named Alexa Lisitza took it upon herself to find out if what this fella was saying was actually true.

She went to her local Starbucks and got one of each cup size. She poured water into a tall cup and then into a grande cup…but they didn’t measure up the way Sueco claimed in his video.

She did the same thing with the grande into the venti and got the same result. No dice!

Hmmmm…something doesn’t add up here…

I wonder how Sueco pulled this optical illusion off…? Magic, perhaps?

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