Being a kid used to mean playing outdoors all afternoon until your mom called you in for supper, then racing back out to play with the neighbor kids until it got too dark to see anymore.

Well, times have changed quite a bit and kids are more likely to be playing on their iPad than a game of pickup basketball in the neighborhood.

One little boy, however, still loves to run outside in the backyard and play. Apparently, that perfectly normal childhood behavior irked the next-door neighbor, however, who wrote a stern note to the child’s parents:

Here’s what it said…

Photo Credit: Distractify

People had a lot of feelings about this nasty note, and a few suggestions for what the parents should do next:

One tweeter suggested the parents just let the neighbor call the police — it might make their day!

And of course someone chimed in with a Karen meme:

But there were a few detractors who mentioned that having a screaming child just outside can get old after a while:


It’s easy to see both sides. If you’re a parent, sending your child outside to play might be the only brief respite you get all day. On the other hand, if you don’t have children and/or your work from home, you might be perturbed to say the least by the high-pitched noises children tend to make.

What would you do if you received a note like this? Ask your child to pipe down? Go talk to the neighbor directly? Ask your child to scream even louder?

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