I don’t think I’ve ever technically been fired from a job, though I was once hired on a trial basis and not brought on full time after an unfortunate mix-up with the register gave them the mistaken impression I’d stolen $100. Whoops. That’s on me. Sorry, 2010 Blockbuster store, you did what you had to do.

In any case, I have had plenty of jobs that I’ve wanted to quit, though I’ve never done that with a flourish. I’ve mostly been polite and courteous, even when I know I won’t be missed. But I won’t lie, I’ve fantasized about doing what these folks did, and going out with a bit more style.

Here are ten employees who found new and innovative ways to say “I quit,” brought to us by Reddit.

Turning the world upside down

Imagine being super high and walking down this aisle looking for a snack.

When a big box retail worker just can’t take it anymore.
byu/SpikeBoyBebop inpics

Put it in a poem

I like the sentiment, but your meter is all over the place.

The other day I handed in my resignation poem informing CVS of my last day and giving them my two weeks notice (Yes, as a poem)… I was told that my store manager, Scott, loved it. I hope you all do too.
by infunny

Quitting en masse

Your apathy as a store owner can only go so far.

Entire crew quit today at local restaurant
by infunny

The public call out

Dang dude, that’s not gonna be good for business.

People at a store at my mall got fed up with the way their manager treated them.
by inpics

This celebratory note

Did that come from like a Simpsons coloring book?

This is how I turned in my 2 week notice today at my job I hate.
byu/I_Drink_Pee infunny

The quit note

Good luck, bruh.

This is how you quit your shitty third shift gas station job
byu/jeseely infunny

A note on a chair

“Hey, does Jim look kinda different to you today?”

A friend’s co-worker quit with great style
byu/camel_towe infunny

Switch up your email

You can leave a message if you want, but like, why?

This guy called his boss, quit his job, set this auto responder and then left the building.
byu/keon infunny

Put it on the marquee

I always wanted my name in lights.

My buddy quit his job at the gas station.
byu/peaceman582 infunny

And now, it’s time for ME TO QUIT! …writing this list. Because it’s over.

Have you ever quit a job in a fun way?

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