I’m just gonna say it: I’m kind of annoyed that here we are in the year 2021 and we still haven’t trained our dogs to talk yet.

I don’t know if we’re to blame it or it’s all their fault, but either way, it’s pretty discouraging. I thought we’d have this down by 2015 at the latest…

So, because that is the reality that we live in, we have to rely on the “Thoughts of Dog” Twitter account to let us know what dogs and thinking about and why.

And boy, is it insightful…let’s take a look. You might never look at your dog the same way ever again…

1. Let’s look at the data.

Time to crunch the numbers.

2. It doesn’t seem fair.

What’s the deal with the sticks, humans?

3. What’s the point of all this?

How can I NOT fall asleep?

4. I can’t help it, okay?

But you know they’re still gonna take pictures.

5. You’re not allowed to go back.

Work from home forever. Sound good?

6. Don’t rush me!

I need to take my time…

7. A ball of fury!

And of FUR.

8. Keeping an eye on the important stuff.

Well, someone has to do it.

9. I agree with this sentiment.

What do you think?

10. Here, here!

We’re behind you on this one!

11. This is how everyone should live their life.

Anytime can be bedtime.

12. You better go taste that.

You have to taste all the leaves and sticks, ya know?

13. What is this ball I keep hearing about?

Can anyone explain it to me?

Well, wasn’t that adorable…?

Do you have any dogs in your household?

Well, if so, you know we want to meet them!

Introduce us to them in the comments!