I have some experience in this department…

My family is spread out all over the place, so when we do have family gatherings every once in a while, you really get to see how these people pack.

My brothers and my dad, like me, pack light. Only the essentials and they’re probably forgetting a few things.

My sisters and my mom? Ha! It’s not a pretty sight, my friends…bags upon bags upon bags filled with things they’re never even going to touch over the course of the visit.

I don’t understand it, I never will, and I’m not even trying anymore after all these years.

It’s a sad state of affairs, I’ll tell you that much…

Let’s take a look at some people who went on the record and admitted that they probably have a serious overpacking problem.

1. You must look out for #1.

Can’t be caught off guard.

2. Fashion Emergency!

What do I do? What do I do?

3. You’ll need them all.

Don’t even think twice about it!

4. Bring all your exercise gear.

Like that’s gonna happen…

5. This should do it!

Just in case…

6. It’s quite a workout.

Harder than lifting weights.

7. You didn’t change!

That stinks that your luggage got lost, though.

8. That sounds reasonable.

You do you, okay?

9. You didn’t use ANY OF IT.

Can we talk about this?

10. Let’s go on a trip!

It’s not overpacking, okay?

11. Makes perfect sense.

Just go with it.

12. They definitely don’t have those.

They also don’t have shampoo or soap.

13. You must be prepared.

Because you never know…

14. This is practical.

At least it is in my world.

Now we want to hear from you.

Are you a light traveler, or do you pack every single thing you own even if you’re only leaving for a weekend?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us what’s up!