If you’ve been in an Uber, and I’m assuming most of you have at this point, then you know those rides can be any combination of weird, funny, ridiculous, experiences. Some of them are quite memorable, some are annoying, and some are downright bizarre.

I have a feeling that these tweets about Uber rides will look familiar…

1. I’m over here!

2. Now it’s time to figure out what a Civic looks like…

3. Do I look okay?

4. Sounds like a plan.

5. A real chatterbox.

6. Silence is golden.

7. Drink everything in sight.

8. What’s going on here?

9. That’s me in the middle of the road.

10. I’m sure the driver is thrilled.

11. I’ve definitely done this before.

12. Completely lost.

13. I see what you did there!

14. Come on, all the way in…

15. It’s even worse if you’ve been drinking…

Have you had any strange or especially eventful Uber rides lately?

If so, tell us about it in the comments!