If you have a cat, you know the drill. They act very strangely and they do as they please at all times.

One of those strange things is the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig stretches they all seem to do once in a while.

You know what I’m talking about.

Let’s look at the photographic evidence.

1. Where’s the head?

Salvador Dali’s cat from catsareliquid

2. Fits like a glove.

He can play Tetris from catsareliquid

3. Make yourself at home.

Whatever is comfy I guess from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

4. Thinking about taking a dip.

Our sunbathing cat Tiny melting on the porch from catsareliquid

5. The elusive Worm Cat.

6. King of the household.

Sunset sploot with bonus crossed paws and fancy tail from sploot

7. Special delivery.

When your cat arrives in the mail from cats

8. Best friends forever.

Shadow is my beautiful grey chonk, and Zelda is the weird noodle draped over her. This picture is a couple years old, from when Zelda was an adolescent spaghetti. (I also posted this pic in r/cats but it wouldn’t let me crosspost). from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

9. Maxin’ and relaxin’.

Compete liquid phase established! from catsareliquid

10. Wrapped around the pole.

Longcat from funny

11. Group exercises.

Every time my dad stretches, our cat likes to join from aww

12. Get a load of this thing!

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Maylon e Jason

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13. Large and in charge.

PsBattle: This stretched black and white cat that’s being held upside down from photoshopbattles

14. You disturbed me.

Window Sill Sploot from sploot

15. Downward facing cat.

Ok not sure what she’s trying to do here but it’s cute from sploot

Why are cats so freaking weird?!?! But they’re also awesome, so we put up with the weirdness.

Do you have a kitty that likes to stretch and perform acrobatics?

Share some pics of them with us in the comments, please!