We all know the truth…

Age ain’t nothing but a number!

And the people you’re about to meet in these photos prove that beyond a doubt!

I can only hope that I’m having as much fun as these folks when I get up there in years. I’m gonna remember these people so I can have some inspiration.

Take a look!

1. Mom and Pop motel.

And the cable TV is free!

2. Half price!

She’s got it figured out.

3. Talk of the town.

Everyone knew him.

4. Dinner for two!

Actually, for one!

5. Livin’ it up!

This is called “life goals.”

6. Why not?

This is awesome!

7. Thrillseeker for life.

We should all strive for this.

8. This is pretty wholesome.

Don’t you think so?

We want more of this kind of wholesome content!

Share some more heartwarming things with us in the comments.

We’d sure appreciate it!