Okay, my friends (and probably a few enemies…let’s be honest), we’re here today to bring you some hilarious tweets that were almost 100% certain will make you laugh and will bring a big smile to your face.

Twitter can be intimidating, so it’s important for YOU to rely on US to sort through everything and only deliver the good stuff.

Know what I’m saying?

Here are 13 more hilarious tweets for your enjoyment.

You may proceed!

1. Hahahaha. Very funny.

And he has the original pressing on vinyl.

2. I’ve thought about this many times…

Something for everyone to ponder.

3. That’s against the rules.

So don’t ever do it again!

4. Not that kind of attack.

Now look what you did!

5. Kinda morbid when you think about it.

But let’s play anyway! With children!

6. A great point.

They probably don’t even notice. This is a big problem.

7. They made a choice.

But was it the right choice…?

8. Kind of backfired on the bartender…

But you learned something new!

9. Kinda sick of that one.

You need to come up with some new material.


10. You got the gist of it.

No need to actually go out into the woods.


11. Time to get rid of that thing.

Once and for all!

12. You sound a little…paranoid.

Just being honest with you…

13. Hammer fist.

The sharks better be careful out there this summer.

Funny, funny, funny!

What else can you really say???

Have you seen anything on social media lately that really made you laugh?

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