You gotta be careful…because scammers are everywhere.

There’s no doubt about that!

And you gotta keep your eyes open so you don’t fall victim to any of these folks who are looking to take advantage of people…

So hang on tight and remember to keep your wits about you out there…because we don’t want anyone to get scammed.

Good luck!

1. And your son’s first birthday party was ruined.

Are you happy now? He’ll never forget this…

My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space themed cake.
byu/Drewlyn inExpectationVsReality

2. This is not even close.

What do you call this thing?

My friend ordered a baby yoda (Grogu) this is what they got
byu/Tewakjr inExpectationVsReality

3. Hahahaha. Wow, that’s bad.

You know they did that on purpose.

are you kidding me
byu/drewsoulman inExpectationVsReality

4. At least you got a few laughs out of it.

Also, did you eat it? Did you actually put that thing in your mouth?

Mildly disappointed but very amused
byu/parmaqqay inExpectationVsReality

5. Doesn’t even really look close, does it?

Can I please speak to your manager?

6. This is going to haunt your dreams.

I’m sorry you had to see this…

7. Instead of bananas, you get pizza and hot dogs.

It could be worse, I guess.

8. This is just SAD.

Yet, I can’t seem to look away…

9. Do those look great, or what?!?!

Are they even cooked? I hope no one got sick.

10. Check out that private balcony.

You can see for miles!

Includes a “Private Balcony.” Is just a view of the wall of the next building.
byu/Jagokoz inExpectationVsReality

11. It looks like it might be possessed by Satan.

I wouldn’t eat that if I were you…

This made me and my wife laugh pretty hard
byu/rustyspartan inExpectationVsReality

12. Well, this sure is a bummer.

Okay, who pulled the old switcheroo here?!?!

Just a tad bit of disappointment
byu/milehigh11 inExpectationVsReality

Have you ever been scammed before?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments.

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