Hello, friends!

Are you ready to make your day just a little bit better…just a little bit?

We thought you’d be agreeable to this proposition!

So go ahead and dig in to these tweets so you can get your day moving in the right direction.

And remember to have a great day!

1. Truer words have never been spoken.

Sunday is all about dread and anxiety.

2. I’m pretty sure skin is an organ.

I’m not a doctor, but…

3. You better believe it!

This is a war I can get behind.


4. I knew that baby was bad news from the beginning.

Can’t trust that kid…

5. Just pay this guy whatever he’s asking for.

I can’t deal with this right now!

6. I hear this.

You’re not alone, friend!

7. You gotta keep that thing private so they can’t see what you’re really like!

That’s my friendly advice for the day.

8. You had to punish yourself for that.

I think you did the right thing to atone for your sins.

9. Sadly, it’s not the way the world works…

If only we could go back to those days.

10. Someone has to come up with this sooner or later.

Maybe it could be you!


11. That’s not creepy at all.

Stay as far away from that kid as possible.

12. I like this plan a lot!

Just keep saying NO over and over again!

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