We tend to associate the holidays with family togetherness, memories, food, and yes, family Christmas cards. Very year, families get in front of a photographer or smartphone and try to look their best.

These family photos often make sure parents come across as effortless disciplinarians. But one family is bucking the trend. For the past 6 years, the Stanleys have been sending out “real” family photos that don’t hide the difficulties of parenting.

Photo Credit: Reddit/Kakalacky_guy

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, the family began doing these “real” Christmas cards because their efforts to produce a perfect picture totally failed. In an interview with Bored Panda, Jonathan Stanley revealed the following:

“We were new parents with a one-year-old and everything went wrong – baby cried the whole time, it was windy, the lighting kept changing, you name it.

If 2 of us looked okay, the third one blinked. We laughed so hard at how bad the photos were that we decided just to send them out as is and our family loved it.

From there the tradition was born – instead of trying to send perfect cards, we would send something that represented the chaos of parenting.”

Photo Credit: kakalacky_guy

The photos truly capture what it’s like for parents to be a parent today.

Photo Credit: kakalacky_guy

Fun and whimsical, it seems the internet is enjoying these as much as the Stanleys’ family and friends!

Photo Credit: kakalacky_guy

Will they ever stop? As Jonathan has said,

“Our friends and family would be so disappointed if we went back to a normal card at this point. It’s also a great creative outlet and once the kids are a little older it will open up some crazy possibilities that aren’t feasible with a four-year-old and a baby.”

Photo Credit: kakalacky_guy

So what do you think of these non-traditional Christmas cards?

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