Do you have any weird but sweet games you play with  your family members? I think most people do. Actor and writer Bridie Connell has one she plays with her dad.

It’s called “pinch and a punch, first day of the month” and they’ve been at it for 15 years now.

Neither one of them can say how it started, but it sure is adorable.

The First rule of “pinch and a punch, first day of the month is… there are no rules!

It’s like Fight Club, only much more passive aggressive.

I wonder how something like this even gets started?

Well, her school didn’t seem to enjoy the game very much.

It sounds like a rather intense game.

Like something her father probably shouldn’t be telling people they play?

I’m mean… “punch” his daughter? Every month

Clearly, it’s an international game.

Because she’s coming home from New Zealand, when all of a sudden…


We know where this is headed…

Do you?

This is NO upgrade!

How did her dad do it?!

We’re annoyed and impressed by him.

But will she have the last laugh?

So something good DID come from this prank!

The upgrade was free!

Bridie and her dad are truly committed to their game, driving other family members nuts and employing the airlines.

Having a special game with a parent or sibling is some of the best, most infuriating fun you can have. Have a wholesome game with family or a friend in play for years?

Tell us about it in the comments.