The people who work in animal shelters have very often dedicated their lives to helping cats, dogs and small mammals find safe and loving homes. And the folks at Chicago Animal Care and Control have recently accomplished that goal on a massive scale: they helped every single adoptable dog in the shelter find a forever home.

If that accomplishment doesn’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will. It’s the first time in the shelter’s history that all dogs had been adopted.

The shelter shared the good news on Facebook:

Shelter workers were still hard at work, however, as new dogs come in all the time. They were also still taking care of a number of dogs that they could not yet adopt out because they’re not currently able to provide any spay or neuter surgeries.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control celebrated a similar victory recently, as it adopted out all the dogs from one of its largest kennel areas.

The shelter posted a touching video on Facebook that’s sure to bring a tear to your eye:

Of course, some people were worried that the folks who adopted all these puppies don’t really understand the responsibility of owning a pet.

But let’s just hope we don’t see a rush of people surrendering dogs in the coming weeks:

Other people are just posting adorable pictures of their rescue dogs, which we 100 percent welcome.

More dog pics, please:

What are your thoughts about adopting a shelter dog versus buying from a breeder?

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