Animals make just about every situation a little bit better than their presence. So of course adding an animal to an otherwise routine (and somewhat mundane) practice like the nightly weather forecast really improves the overall experience.

While doing some weather broadcasts from home, meteorologist Jeff Lyons has had a special guest visitor lately: his cat, Betty.

You can see just how much cuter she makes that extended forecast in this photo Lyons posted to Facebook:

I can't tell if Betty is enjoying the whole Work-From-Home setup or not. As you can see, she's a high-strung, nervous wreck !

Posted by Jeff Lyons – 14 News on Thursday, 9 April 2020

Lyons is the chief meteorologist for a local news station in Evansville, Indiana. Suddenly, people all over the world are interested in the weather in Indiana!

He also posted an adorable behind-the-scenes video of Betty’s big break.

I mean, just look at her little contended face!

So, Betty is now viral on the Internet ! I've had a lot of requests for the video, so here is the behind-the-scenes (thanks to Jackie Monroe at the studio) and then what went over the air. As you can see, Betty needs to be limbered up before showtime ! What should our next stunt be ?

Posted by Jeff Lyons – 14 News on Monday, 13 April 2020

She’s been so popular that Lyons has made her a regular guest star in his broadcasts.

Because why wouldn’t you want to put that cute little booty in the middle of a thunderstorm?


A week ago, Betty was a friendly fur ball on the back of my couch. Now, with all this attention, she is aiming for a spot at the network ! Fur may fly and feathers may be ruffled !

Posted by Jeff Lyons – 14 News on Wednesday, 22 April 2020

He’s also started incorporating her into some graphics, which is a nice touch.

Also, A LITTLE weird. Just a little.


After 11 years of lounging around the house, I'm putting this cat to work…for you ! There's a fine line between clever and creepy…what do you think of this format for some actual useful information ? I helped her with the forecasting, if that makes any difference !

Posted by Jeff Lyons – 14 News on Thursday, 16 April 2020

Now this is the kind of news content we can get behind. Can every newscaster have a cat (or dog) join all broadcasts from now on? That would really make any bad news a lot easier to swallow, don’t you think?

What’s the weirdest thing your cat or dog has ever done while you’ve been on the phone or a video call? Any embarrassing or just downright funny stories to share?

We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments!