When you’ve discovered your true calling in life, it’s hard to stay away for any length of time.

Take dad and sommelier Jason Booth. After a few days of being away from the restaurant where he is employed and staying at home with the kids, he started to miss it.

So he thought of a creative way he could bring his beloved work home too.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Lunch for his toddler son Jonah became quite an elegant affair.

Inspired by the Netflix series Chef’s TableBooth plated little Jonah’s meal before serving it to him.

Jonah also got to hear all the delicious details of his entree as if he was sitting in a fashionable, upscale restaurant.

He recorded the food festivities for TikTok.

@jasonrockford##Lunch service at L’Dad’s Chateau, where we ##quarantine with class. ##chefstable ##serverlife ##chefslife ##foodie ##quarantinelife ##restaurantlife ##food♬ Jazz Piano 88 – Cafe Music BGM channel

Booth also gives us the culinary lowdown on his Instagram account.


He posts,

“Today’s lunch included yesterday’s bread with peanut gelee and jam emulsion, orange one way, and twice-fried frijole reduction.”

Sounds fabulous.


One day, young Mr. Booth dined on a…

“vegetable quinoa (which is an ancient Grain-ger) of Bertie Botts One Flavor Bean, Corn-Elius Fudge, Sweet Potato, Basil-isk Feathers, Fresa Flames, and clouds of Wingardium Mozzarellioso.”

Wow. I’ll have what he’s having! But what do you think? World’s greatest dad or a bit of overkill?

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