Let’s get funny but let’s also get REAL.

I’m specifically talking about tweets that delve into the parenting game.

Are you ready to have some laughs from some very funny moms and dads?

Go ahead and check them out!

1. You might be a mom…

Does this sound familiar?

2. Pretty much the same thing.

Hell on Earth!

3. Very clever.

Keep an eye on this one.

4. That wouldn’t be good.

Let’s try a different career path.

5. Think about it!

The more you know…

6. Uh oh…

Don’t say that in public.

7. I’m with her!

Not bad at all!

8. The dad life.

This is very accurate.

9. Something to consider.

Who’s in charge of this?

10. Please don’t put that there.

You’re gonna make a mess!

11. You ruined her life.

Are you happy now?

How’s the parenting game treating you lately?

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Thanks a lot!