It’s been a loooooong day and you need some laughs, don’t you?

I can feel it!

So why not treat yourself to some hilarious tweets about cats and dogs?

It’s as simple as that!

Have some laughs on us!

1. It’s true!

I mean, have you seen them?

2. Here they come.

You’ve seen this before…

3. I hear you.

We all hear you…

4. I love this!

And now I’m hungry…

5. Livin’ the good life.

I’m jealous!

6. I do it all the time.

What, you don’t?

7. I remember those days.

Good times…

8. Haha. Wow.

Did not see that coming.

9. A huge problem.

I learned it from watching you!

10. Be right back.

Oh, boy…

11. Yes, he is!

Out of his way!

Do you have any pets at home?

If so, share some pics with us in the comments.

We’d love to meet them!