If things weren’t annoying enough already right now, we also have this to deal with.

I’m talking about our parents sending us texts demanding that we do things for them or even just being corny and trying to make us laugh in the way that only parents know how to do.

As you can imagine, parents are managing to get on our nerves during this shutdown by sending a variety of text messages….

Here’s the proof…also, it’s pretty damn funny.

1. Nothing unreasonable at all…

You’re in charge now…

2. Hey-o! Classic Dad joke.

He couldn’t resist.

3. Time to go to the store.

You’re his little errand girl now.

4. Just enjoy your life.

Hahahaha. Pretty funny.

5. She’s giving you good advice.

Remember to keep that distance!


6. Well, isn’t that nice?!?!

Your daily reminder.


7. Talking about the important stuff.

My dad and I only talk about how my car is running…



Oh…wait a second…

9. Big fan of “Tic Tac”.

He was pretty close, let’s give him a break.

10. Not yet, at least.

He cleary didn’t get it…


11. This will be a long conversation.

Well, Mom, it’s a specific type of music genre…

12. This is great!

I think all of us have received a text like this at some point.

13. Uh oh…now you’re in trouble.

You shouldn’t have recommended THAT show!


Those are hilarious! Don’t you agree?

And maybe a little bit infuriating…

Have your parents been texting you a lot during this shutdown?

If so, please tell us what they’ve been on your case about!

Let us know in the comments!