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If you have cats now or have at any time in your life, you know that they like to cause mischief.

A LOT of mischief. So much mischief, in fact, that sometimes they make it kind of hard to love them…or even like them…

But we always come running back for more!

Here are a bunch of felines that are up to no good.

1. Do not enter.

How to Keep the Cat Downstairs from pics

2. Oh noooooooo!

PsBattle: this cat stuck in the middle of a pool from photoshopbattles

3. Now you know.

Solved: why my pants always have a line of cat fur across the leg. from aww

4. Stay still!

My cat sneezed while I was taking a picture from cats

5. Now what did you do?

6. Stuck. Forever.

7. Did you learn a lesson?

8. Cat Jesus will save us.

9. I’m freakin’ out!

10. Maybe a little bit?

11. Only the best for him.

12. That was impressive.

13. Going down. Fast.

14. Acting a fool.

Damn kitties! Always causing a ruckus!

Does your cat like to get into trouble and drive you up the wall?

Tell us all about it in the comments! And show us some pics too, while you’re at it.