Okay, children. Put down the Facebook and Instagrams. It’s Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag round up time. And this time it’s all about the kiddos and the hilarious things they say.

Look, I know it might seem a bit doom and gloom out there. But Fallon is here to help. No, he doesn’t have cash for each of us. Something better.

He recently asked parents to share the funniest thing they’ve heard a kid say.

Here are 15 replies that will crack you up and make you forget about life for awhile.

1. Kids say the darndest things.

2. He heard that from his other Canadian cousin.

3. He’s not wrong.

4. “Never!”


5. Daddy would be proud.

6. Where indeed.


7. What a little charmer.

8. Snort.

9. Naughty, naughty bugs

10. Dads are friends too.

11. So does eating all your raisins.

12. Brady would like to pet you with his fist.

13. Sometimes kids need to be punched.

14. I’ve been taking bubble baths all my life like a sucker.


Basically, what these tweets are trying to tell us is that while we’re teaching them about life, they’re teaching us about brutal honesty and how to get out of trouble. Which, you know is kind of what kids do with their free time: think up excuses for when they inevitably get in trouble.

How adorable. But I need a nap right now, so… we shift focus on to all of you lovely people. Fun, right?

What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard a kid say? Tell us in the comments.

You’re rockstars! And we love you!