Do you think that some cats believe that they’re human?

It sure looks like it, judging by these photos that people shared on Twitter of kitties lounging in all kinds of hilarious positions.

Maybe they learned it from watching us? Who knows…

Here are some very funny pics of cats lounging around and doing their best to imitate us human beings.

1. This is amazing.

Big boy don’t care.

2. Laid back in style.

And looking good!

3. Get a load of this chunker.

How cute is that?!?!

4. Please don’t leave me here.

Blocking the door.

5. Big and fluffy.

And just trying to take it easy.

6. Hello, Alice!

A great-looking kitty!

7. This is great!

I think all pet owners need one of these, don’t you?

8. Kind of looks depressed.

Or maybe just trying to figure out what to watch…

9. Living that lounge life.

And having a beer as well.

10. This one is really trying to relax.

Why are you so anxious?

11. In time-out.

And not looking very happy about it.

12. Chillin’ among the ruins.

And soaking up the sunshine.

Those photos are great! And we want to see more!

So help us out if you can. In the comments, please share photos of more cats sitting in hilarious and awkward positions.

We look forward to meeting these frisky felines!