Do you have the Nextdoor app on your phone?

If you don’t, I strongly recommend that you get on there right this instant and download it. Because it is NONSTOP ENTERTAINMENT, friends.

It gives you an inside look into just how crazy and bizarre your neighbors are and it lets you know who to avoid when you take a walk or go to the grocery store! It’s a win-win!

Let’s take a look at some funny and weird posts from Nextdoor so you can see what I’m talking about.

1. Be sure to write that on the bag.

We don’t want any mix-ups, now do we?

2. That is a crime!

A crime against humanity!

3. Caroline, what were you thinking?!?!


4. You know what, I am sick of this.

And I bet you are, too!

5. What is this whole “voting” thing?

I don’t like the sound of this…

6. The War on Christmas is raging on.

I can’t wait to see the 2020 version!

7. Yeah, I feel this one.

I could use some shut-eye as well.

8. What gang is this?

I think it might be the Almighty D*cks.

9. Are you sure that’s what that’s for?

You might want to look into that a little bit closer.

10. Give ’em the business!

That’ll show ’em!

11. You thief!

You’re gonna burn for this one!

12. That might be a bit extreme.

But, honestly, who doesn’t recycle?

13. Report these people at once!

I’m deeply offended by this.

How about you?

Have you had any weird or interesting interactions with your neighbors on the Nextdoor app?

Please tell us your stories in the comments! Thanks!