Ohhhh, fatherhood. I’m told it’s delightful and full of twists and turns at every moment.

And…I’m also told it can make you exhausted, cranky, irritable, and pushed to your breaking point…but in a good way.

Dads, do these funny tweets look familiar?

1. What happened?

2. You’re doing it all wrong!

3. Oh, boy…

4. No more questions.

5. Annoying to the extreme.

6. Of course there isn’t!

7. Blowing your whole budget on TP.

8. No more Netflix and chill.

9. Smart kid.


10. Gonna be a great day.

11. That was a big moment.

12. Now I understand…

13. At his breaking point.

14. A lot to look forward to.

15. Quite a difference.

Keep up the good work out there, dads!

And, do us a favor: share some funny stories about raising your little ones in the comments.

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