New year’s day is usually a time people set aside to visualize what they want.

Common goals usually include everything from running a marathon, opening a business, finding a romantic partner, and even losing weight.

One woman, Lindsay Wolf, wrote an article on Scary Mommy about why she no longer makes weight loss one of her new year’s resolutions.


Wolf shares that she had an awakening one day as she leafed through old journal entries and became sad at the concerns she had in her younger years. She shares,

“I was also sure to set one major New Year’s resolution that I ended up choosing for over 15 years. At the beginning of every January, I would severely restrict my eating and passionately exercise to lose weight and continue dropping the pounds until I felt totally satisfied.

Except that I never – not once – felt the satisfaction I was so hoping for.”

Wolf now fills her Instagram account with posts reminding her followers that they should love their bodies the way they are.


The writer breaks down how she unlearned negative messages about how bodies are supposed to look. She also discusses why New Year’s resolutions can hurt instead of help,

“There is so much damn pressure to have a “fresh start” every year, and it drives me batty.

Instead of resolutions, I spend my entire year leaning into self-love, embracing my current body with compassion and willingness, having fun, continuing on my path to trauma recovery, and letting go of impossible standards and expectations.”

F**k yas gurl!


We could all learn a bit more about body positivity in 2020. What do you think of what Wolf has to say about resolutions to lose weight?

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