Even though it can feel hard to find joy right now, Twitter is still chugging along and providing plenty of LOL-worthy content for the rest of us.

Really, we’re all pretty lucky that people are dedicated to the fine art of being funny on Twitter.

Here are 11 of the funniest tweets that people wrote this week.

1. A dead grandma

…that wasn’t even dead.

2. Check out that tattoo!

Well, that’s definitely a message.


3. Nearly every time!

It’s a special skill, huh?

4. Twitter really gets inside you.

And you just can’t shake it.

5. No one is surprised here.

Seriously, why don’t they ever stop?

6. This will make you LOL.

Seriously, just get ready.

7. What a blessing.

Why do we get cats again?

8. We can’t have any nice things.

Seriously, just wear them correctly.


9. There’s one of these in every class.

Seriously, friend, take your 98.

10. It’s time to mess it up a little, right?

What else is one to do?

11. What if you get the answer wrong?

This is a real problem that we don’t talk about nearly often enough.

It’s so funny how you can always rely on Twitter to pull us together through these dark times. Definitely share this post with your friends, especially if they could use a good laugh right now.

DO NOT share this post if you don’t want your friends to laugh. Because they will. So be warned.

Which of these tweets was your favorite? Make sure you let us know in the comments!