There are so many things you can waste your money on these days, and people are more than happy to do just that.

Is it really a waste, though, if you love what you paid for?

Read these people’s non-regrets and decide for yourself!

1. A dream come true.

Finally found the motorcycle I wanted years ago but could not get. It was not running, but after around dumping $3,500 into it and doing a full frame up restoration and custom job on it.

I have the bike I wanted years ago, but better. Yes I did everything myself, full paint job Tank frame fenders everything.

I also did a full engine rebuild, remade the wiring harness, everything was all done in house. So I put a touch over 3K into a bike that is only worth about $1,500. on a good day, but hell it is mine and I built it.

2. Not a waste to your friends.

When I was younger I came into a sum of about $15k. I wasnt very careful with the money and other than putting $5k down on car, I blew the money here and there.

But what I put the largest amounts toward were friends in need. I paid one friend’s power bill just before it got shut off. I helped another friend keep her water on.

I never could keep my hands on money for long but I don’t regret having “wasted” it helping friends.

3. A lot of money for blocks.

Lego Death Star.

I got it when Amazon accidentally listed it for $125 for like 13 minutes one morning at 6 am.

4. If you’re a racing fan…

600€ for an hour of laps (three of 20 minutes each) around the Nurburgring in Germany. It was open in the off-season and there wasn’t a single other car near me the whole time.

10/10 one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.

5. The best revenge.

I got into a stupid fight with my brother, so I found a game he had pledged on kickstarter (Space Haven) and saw that for 360 dollars I could write a premade character bio that would randomly show up.

So I pledged it and wrote a character bio with his name and made him a flaming a**hole. I have never played this game and don’t want to.

6. You bet your sweet bippy.

Due to poor insulation and distance from the water heater, my shower is never properly warm in winter. I just bought a single end-point tankless water heater for just my shower. Best hundred and fifty bucks I ever spent.

Could I really afford it? No. Did I need it? No. Do I love it? You bet your sweet bippy I do!

7. A look of pure bliss.

I spent $3000 for my wife to meet the backstreet boys and get front row seats.

It is the best thing that has ever happened to her and the smile on her face after the show and look of pure bliss in someone who suffers often from anxiety was worth every cent.

8. He loves giving gifts.

The summer after graduating high school, I won a decent amount of money playing online poker. Since I wasn’t going off to college and all of my friends were, I decided to buy them all ridiculous going away gifts.

A carpet, mailbox, toilet seat etc. were among the gifts. The most expensive and ridiculous gift I bought on a whim was a massive wheel of cheese, somewhere between $200-300.

Little did I know at the time, that cheese wheel would set off a yearly event called “Cheesegiving” where our entire (much larger now with spouses and kids) friend group gets together to celebrate and partake in cheesy goodness.

This year was our 17th (unfortunately all virtual due to covid) and I genuinely hope it never ends!

9. An excellent meal.

Dining at a Michelin starred restaurant in Milan. We had an 18 course meal with wine pairings for like $400 or so.

The restaurant is Joia. It’s vegetarian, but it looks like it still exists and isn’t much more expensive than when I was there 10 years ago.

10. You can’t put a price on health.

Just bought a treadmill. There is a perfectly good street outside I could run on, or I could pay for a gym membership for years and years.

BUT now I can get a run in during my daughter’s naptime, or when it’s cold, or when I only have 30 minutes free and driving to and from the gym would eat up half of my time.

I certainly could have made it work without this expense, but I really love it.

11. You can enjoy it every day.

The extra I pay in rent for a water view

Completely worth it.

12. On a fresh start.

I got $27k, and spent it on a solo cross country road trip that led to me moving on the complete opposite side of the country from everyone I’ve ever known.

I was in a dark place in my head, the original plan was to find a nice place to end my story, but the trip itself helped me reconsider, so absolutely no regrets to speak of.

13. They’ll always have London.

My wife and I were on our honeymoon in London in 2016. We had just gotten an influx of cash from friends and family, and we went out to dinner at the Savoy Grille.

They had an absurdly overpriced tasting menu with the option of overpriced wine pairings. We ended up dropping about $600, and it was honestly the best meal I’ve ever had.

The service was off the charts, with little stories about each course and its accompanying wine, and they had the timing down perfectly.

Just a fantastic experience from top to bottom, and if we didn’t do it then (on our honeymoon with a bunch of free money), we were never going to do it.

14. He can’t go back.

$120 for a towel heater. I will never dry off with a cold towel again.

15. One of the best days ever.

Back in 2017 my family went on a road trip to Minnesota to visit my nana shortly before she passed. During our stay me and my little sister went to the Mall of America and bought whatever we wanted.

Big ice cream cones? Lego store souvenirs? Tickets to the aquarium? Fare for every indoor amusement park ride? A doll from the American Girl Store and eating an expensive lunch in the Store with your new doll sitting at the table with us? Heck yeah little sis it’s all yours.

I dropped over $300 in that one mall trip but d**n was it was one of our best shopping days ever, we still talk about it to this day.

16. If they make you happy…

Art work. Can I always afford it, no. But my walls are full of orginal, 90% local art.

They make me happy to look at, I’m sure I made the artist happy too.

17. Memories that will last.

A quick 7 day trip to Maui in February a couple years ago with one of my teenage daughters, who happened to be free the same week I had off. Work was grinding me down and I needed a break.

My wife and the rest of the family couldn’t go, they were working or in school. The tickets were expensive, $850 each for bare-bones economy narrow rock hard seats, it was a 12 hour flight that was packed to the brim – I was getting bedsores by the time we arrived.

We rented snorkeling gear and a car, and spent every day from dawn to dusk snorkeling, sitting on the beaches and hiking in the mountains; we did the Hana road, the Seven Sacred Pools and the Haleakalā volcano national park at sunset, and took tons of photos. We ate spam musubi for breakfast, poke and somen noodles for lunch and loco moko for supper. Slept like babies with the windows open wide in the cool nighttime breezes.

The best way to blow $5,000 EVER. So much what I needed at that point in my life.

18. That must be some mug.

I went to a Renaissance Fair with my husband and some friends. It was his first time, and he’s a pretty introverted person, so while he has fun watching everyone else dress up and act all goofy and old-timey, he doesn’t really participate.

When we went to buy our first beer, the wench tried to sell him on one of those big mugs that looks like it’s carved out of wood but it’s just plastic. It cost $100. Yes, you get free refills, but we were not planning on drinking $100 worth of beer that day. I could tell by the look on his face that he wanted it- he looked like a little kid at Disney World.

Without thinking, I whipped out my credit card and dropped $100 on a s**tty plastic mug.

All day, he walked around proudly with his mug. He even took some big gulps and cheered “huzzah” once or twice. This might not seem like much but for my quiet, gentle giant, it is huge. I manage the finances in our relationship and I am CONSTANTLY cracking down on wasteful spending, so I think we were both amazed I made such a dumb purchase.

Four years later, we still have that mug. He gets a big grin every time he sees it and teases me about my irresponsible impulse. And every time I see it, I just think about how much I love that big galoot…

19. This makes me want to cry.

My grandfather absolutely loves the Beatles. He listens to their music every day. He doesn’t speak English, but he always tries his best to sing along. It’s so endearing.

I had heard that Paul McCartney was coming to town for a concert. When I checked the ticket availability, there were only a few left and they were quite pricey. Especially for me, a high school student at the time. But I was determined to get him a ticket.

And I did! I decided to present the ticket to him on my birthday since the concert would be just a few days afterwards. When I gave my grandfather the ticket, he had broken into tears and hugged me so hard. I had never seen him so happy. The smile didn’t leave his face for the rest of the day.

Leading up to the concert, he would talk to everyone about how he was going to see Paul McCartney and that he had the most thoughtful granddaughter in the world. :’)

20. Much joy.

board games, they are expensive, but they bring much joy

21. Don’t be stubborn about it.

I spent $300 on a mule. An actual living, 4 hooved, long-eared mule. We raise cattle, so a protection mule was a good excuse. But, really, I just fell in love with him. He’s huge and sassy. He’ll steal your hat and run away. He’s got a Ninja mode where he can sneak up on you, just to breathe down your neck or startle you. He does keep the coyotes away.

However, he has proved himself priceless because he eats thistle. When we got the lease on the land for our cattle the pastures had been neglected and were in bad shape. Thistle is a spiky plant that spreads across the pasture, choking out grasses. Cow’s won’t eat it. It’s really hard to get rid of. To our surprise, the mule cleared out nearly all the thistle in a matter of months. He would eat the flowers out of the center.

He saved us an enormous amount of money and labor. We were able to avoid using chemical weed killers, which we really didn’t want to do. Probably the best investment in our whole cattle raising experience.

22. A comfortable couch.

My Couch. I moved out of my moms house last year (2019 so no covid) and I always wanted a good couch. I tested so much. I went to so many funiture stores. Looked at so many different models. And then choose mine. Its actually from Ikea. Three seats and long enough to let someone sleep on it. In a grey but I saw they were also having a black cover so I am thinking about getting that one. Extremely comfortable.

I wanted a couch where you could chill out and love how fluffy it is without losing the ability to sit on it. In some couches you are not able to lean on the back and still have a straight back. You can sit on the back board and the armrests.

They are flat so you can also put a cup of tea on them. Its also not too low so you dont feel like sitting on the ground (which I do strangely often compared to my love for this couch) but you can let yourself fall onto that d**n thing! It also looks easy and simple.

So I dont want the suggestion of someone who tried a LOT of couches and happens to be me then buy the Vimle couch from Ikea.

23. You can love a litter box.

My Litter Robot.

Yes, I spent $600 on a cat s*%tter, but my house never smells, I don’t have to scoop litter, and I only have to empty the drawer once a week.

Definitely worth it to me.

24. That must be some view.

$800 for a front seat helicopter tour of Kauai for me and my wife! Totally worth it!

25. If it fits your lifestyle.

My fiancé and I dropped close to three grand on a kitchen table and coffee table from Carolina Game Tables. The kind where you can take the top off and have a board game space underneath.

They’re comparatively plain compared to some you see online, no lights or USB ports, no cubbies, drawers or cup holders. Just really solidly build solid wood tables where the top comes off. But hot d**n they’ve been awesome!! We use them all the time.

One unexpected use was legos. I got a Lego set and started building it on the coffee table and when I needed to stop for the night I just put the lid on until I was ready to continue.

Don’t regret a cent.

26. If you love ice, you know.

GE Opal nugget ice maker. Dang thing cost more than my car payment but, man oh man, I love nugget ice and I use it the heck out of it every day.

27. Those are awful moments.

In-home euthanasia for my best friend and companion. I absolutely did not have the money for it, and covid meant I couldn’t have friends to be there with me, but I couldn’t bear to see her go on a cold metal table.

The vet came in to my apartment and gave me as much time as I needed.

I read a letter I wrote, and I got to sing to Zooey in her final moments with her on my lap the entire time. 10/10 best way to do the worst thing.

28. That’s some investment.

Stax headphones. About $800 in 1987 but I still listen to them and they are unbelievably good.

29. You can’t put a price on health.

I spent too much money on a big treadmill for a very small apartment. But I’ve ran 15-25 km on it every week for the past several years and it’s been incredibly helpful both physically and mentally.

30. So pretty.

Spending hundreds of euros on broken musical instruments because they were pretty. I have since bought spare parts and started repairing them.

31. A little space.

Just shy of $20,000 to go to Antarctica traveling solo (small cruise ship).

More than I’ve spent on every other vacation I’ve taken combined, and was one of the best trips of my life.

It also gave me enough space and clarity to realize how toxic my ex was to me so that I could find the strength to leave not long after I got back.

I’ll always want to go back to Antarctica. The inner peace I found there changed my life.

32. A really nice suit.

I’ve been a fat guy all my life. Like, really fat. Dressing comfortably was always my preference because being stylish just isn’t an option at my size. This was always a source of anxiety at any social event that required dressing up.

When I realized I had 4 weddings of close friends all coming up within the year, I decided to bite the bullet and get some decent “formal” clothes. I spent $800 on a suit jacket, $250 on two pairs of dress pants, a little over $300 for 3 shirts and 3 silk ties that were between $70 and $100 each. I stood for all my measurements and had everything tailored to my exact specifications. Did a fitting and had a second round of alterations on the pants so they actually looked decent, even though I wore them under my gut.

People were floored when I showed up to the first wedding. I received so many compliments and actual double takes. Being introduced to new people felt completely different. I felt impressive. Some of those weddings were the best times of my life and it was due, in no small part, to how those clothes looked and made me feel.

Some of those friends have big pictures from their weddings hanging on their walls, and I don’t cringe in embarrassment when I see myself in them. Those clothes cost more than I had/have ever spent on clothing in any ten year period, and they were worth every penny.

I’ve gotta say, I don’t think I would regret any of these either.

What’s something you would put on this list? Tell us in the comments!