It’s dark times like these when Twitter can bring us together.

No, really. Hear me out.

Jimmy Fallon recently asked parents to tweet a funny thing they’ve heard a kid say.

The responses were hilarious and I promise you when you read them, you will all agree on this and probably only this: kids are hilarious.

Here are 15 tweets about the funny things they’ve said.

1. Say, why isn’t there a coloring team?

2. Little brother is two-banana.

3. Cheerio baby?

4. Okay, so maybe not so much muscle.

5. Okay, bye-bye then.

6. Yes, but it’s an expensive fancy locker room with cucumber water.

7. What’s with kids and boobs?

8. No, it’s decidedly not fun.

9. That’s right, child. It’s good to label these emotions.

10. Because of the tingling. I get it.

11. It’s a conversation that can wait.

12. Snap.

13. Crib robbery works too.

14. Now I can’t un-read that.

15. Fine. Have your stinky boy cheese.

Kids outgrow their toys and clothes faster than they outgrow their mouths. But don’t they say the funniest things? And right when we need to hear them. What about the kids in your life? What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard them say lately? Tell us in the comments. We’re desperate for a good laugh these days.