Having one kid is tough. Having multiple kids is really tough.

And when the older kids pitch in and help the young kids, it makes a huge difference in the daily life of moms and dads.


Every little bit helps, right?

A post about this comes to us from a mom named April Leiffer Henry.

“To my oldest child,

I’ve been watching you with your little brother, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your help.

Like when I haven’t taken a shower for two days, and I ask you to play with him.

I love how you scoop him up and take him to your room, showing him your intricate LEGO creations or teaching him the mechanics of loading and shooting a Nerf gun.


Thank you for expanding his world and demonstrating to him how things work.

Like when I broke a plate in the kitchen and your sister spilled an entire cup of milk in the dining room.

You sprang into action and picked up your brother, shielding him from cutting himself on the glass and slipping on a puddle and falling.

Thank you for seeing when someone needs help and jumping to the rescue.


Like when I need to wash two days’ worth of dishes and it would go much more quickly without the toddler tugging on my sweatpants, screaming “Up!”

I love how you offer…”

You can read the rest of this mom’s post HERE.

That’s a really nice tribute to her oldest son.

What do you think? Can you relate to this post? Do you have an older child who likes to jump into action and help out mom and dad with the younger kids?

Tell us about it in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!